This product contains a patented colour changing solution specifically intended for eye use. The product also contains distilled waters and different types of sodium to ensure it can be applied to even the most sensitive of eyes.
”Change My Eyes” colour changing eye drops is a revolutionary new product designed and tested around the world, that changes your natural eye colour to your colour of choice over a period of time of daily use.
”Change My Eye” colour changing eye drops uses a unique mechanism of action that provides a gradual change in eye colour. The active ingredients consist that enable a chemical reaction at the forefront of your eye (Iris), as each individuals eye colour differs, the ingredients within our eye drops open up the anterior chamber to the eyes and our solution alters the aforementioned eye colour depending on whether the eyes were naturally dark or naturally light over time, this chemical reaction alters the amount of light and melanin within the individuals eye, changing there eye colour over a course of months.
”Change My Eyes” eye drops are used by people who are not happy with their natural eye color or are simply looking for an eye color change. If you are unsure of what eye color to choose from, we highly encourage you to get a second opinion in order to make the right choice in color.
At the moment, we have 10 natural eye color selections. We are working in developing additional eye colors. We hope you try out our product and don’t forget to tell your friends about us!.
*Disclaimer: Each individual is different and may experience different results at different timeframes, although we stand by the quality of our products “”Change My Eyes”” cannot fully guarantee an eye colour change for each individual consumer upon using our products as results vary. It is entirely up to the individual to keep there eyes both clean and sanitary and “Change My Eyes” cannot and will not be held liable for any arising issues that’s occur after using our product as we cannot guarantee sanitary measures were taken by the consumer alongside using our products, this includes the use of our eyedrops alongside third party goods/items.*