How Colored Contact Lenses Work

Lots of people these days switch up their contact lens color, opting for blue one week, dark brown the next, and vivid green the following one.
Ever wonder how those lenses are made?
Mostly they are customized to the precise tint you want, but a little depends on the color of your natural eye. There are two types: translucent tinted lenses that are for light eyes only, and they come in a solid or clear tint. They may just enhance your natural color, or may change it quite dramatically.
Then there are opaque tints, which are solid tints made to mask the iris and change dark eyes. The tint is placed either within the lens, or on top of it. Imagine a doughnut with no hole, and you’ll get the idea.
Colored contacts used to be the sole territory of, say, actors with lots of extra cash to spend getting that azure shade of blue loved by casting agencies and film directors, but no more. Today they are available to just about anyone; they can be custom made for more reasons than just fashion and vanity. A “sport tint” can be added to reduce glare and increase depth perception. That means giving you, the wearer, a heightened advantage during your Sunday afternoon game of tennis.
The color is added only to a portion of the lens, so at some moments – like when you blink – the color portion might slide a little over the pupil. If the color is opaque, it can look a little odd when that happens. The key is getting your lenses from a reputable vision care specialist – that’s crucial. You want someone who can customize the color, size and prescription. No matter how temptingly low a price is you see offered by someone online, don’t bite: they probably aren’t the source you should turn to. You don’t want to cause problems with your vision by seeking out someone solely because they’ll give you a discount!
Colored contacts aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore, so see a vision care specialist and get some good advice on the pros and cons of wearing them. If Kanye West can get away with wearing stark blue lenses on the runway, you can wear whatever color you choose…you’re only limited by your imagination.
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