Glasses or Contacts: Which are better for helping your vision?

It’s possible nowadays to design your eye wear like you do your wardrobe – lots of different choices for lots of different occasions.

Some people choose the convenience of glasses; depending on your prescription, you can wear them only when driving, or reading, or whatever your vision care specialist advises. But you can have different ones with the same prescription, and tailor the frames to your winter, fall, spring and summer wardrobes. Different colors and styles can make you look serious, fun or fashionable; it’s all up to you these days.
Contact lenses are a smart choice, however, if you prefer not to be among those who are always asking, “has anybody seen my glasses?” It’s so easy to lose track of glasses, particularly those of us who only need them to read. Contacts, on the other hand, can be popped in first thing in the morning and worn all day, and you can even change your eye color, if you wish to. A reputable eye care specialist can help you choose the contacts that are right for you: soft, hard or disposable. What matters is that you choose your eye care products based on the counsel you receive from your eye doctor.
Contacts have come a long way; they aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore. A quality pair of lenses will last a long time if you treat them well; make sure they’re clean, and store them properly. And no one can tell if you’re wearing them, unlike glasses!
Disposable lenses are the right product for some, but not all folks. If you only need a prescription to read, the contacts might not be your best solution. Think of how often you glance at your phone, or read the daily newspaper! You won’t want lenses then, of course. That’s when reading glasses make sense.
But if, like most people, you struggle to see things at a distance, that means you’re near-sighted – yup, you can see things close by, but not far away – then contacts might be the ideal solution; you don’t have to worry about pulling out glasses from your purse or pocket. Either way, be sure to see a reputable, established eye care specialist, one who can help you with all your eye care needs and products!